Frequently asked questions

What Type of Properties Can I use RISSOFT to Manage?

RISSOFT is designed to do monthly billing therefore we can work with the following types of properties; Residential, Multifamily, Condo, Coop, Commercial, Storage, RV parks, Student housing, Parking lots (monthly). If the type of property you manage is not on the list Contact Us!

Do You Offer Cloud Based Services?

RISSOFT is designed for local or Cloud based situations, PLEASE CALL (203) 485-9521 FOR CLOUD BASED PRICING.

Is the RISSOFT Limited to Just the Property Management Side or Can it do the GL side as well?

RISSOFT can be used just on the Property management side or GL side or both (We recommend both so you get the proper reports, monthly presentation analysts, ebalance, and apply payments automatically)

I have rental properties in Canada, can I use RISSOFT Rental Software to Manage those Properties?

RISSOFT is based on United States accounting standards; it is not compatible with Canadian accounting standards but does provide the proper GL reports for your Accounting needs

Is there a Limit on the Amount of Properties I can add to RISSOFT Software?

RISSOFT is Word/Excel based with unlimited Companies, Checkbooks, Properties, Tenants, and more.

Is RISSOFT Software Customizable?

RISSOFT and the templates we provide are editable (word/excel) and user defined templates (customized letters or reports) can be added and saved.

Can I Export Reports?

Our reports can be exported to excel, Data file, PDF, and preview

Do you have access to RISSOFT?

We do not have a back door to your licensed software, if an issue arises we go in through FIXME.IT and you work with us to resolve the issue.

How to’s and questions within RISSOFT?