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software for property management

Realty Information Systems

 Residential and Commercial Property Management Software

Streamline Your Property Management Business With Industry Leading Software

RISSOFT property management software program has essential features to help with your everyday management needs, including full general ledger financial capabilities. Powerful letter writing, document management, user-definable report generation and extensive accounting and management features.


Management Menu

Our unique management menu simplifies your daily management functions. This program section collects the data from all properties into one easily managed screen. In this menu you can manage:

  • Legal Cases

  • Work Orders

  • Vacancies

  • Rent Arrears

  • Expiring Leases

  • Calendar Tasks

  • Tenant Applications


Energy Management 

  • We have designed and configured the check data entry program to allow you to effortlessly enter energy consumption data during check entry. This can be used for gas, oil, electricity, water, etc. The RIS program calculates and prepares numeric and graphic comparisons of consumption and cost, comparing up to 4 years at a time. See attached sample.

  • Data is stored in a separate energy database. You can add directly to this database at your option.



Email communication is included so that you can easily email tenant rent bills, letters and reports to your tenants. Email can similarly be sent to your vendors.

Export Data and Reports

  • Reports can be printed or exported to .pdf, .xls, .csv or .html files for easy electronic transfer by email or over the internet.

  • Data can be exported to an excel spreadsheet for any other purposes.

Document Organization

Keeping track of your letters, leases, invoices, floor plans, pictures and any other documents is a cinch with the RIS program. There are letter/document databases for Tenants, Apartments, Properties, Companies and Vendors. These databases can link to any kind of document, including word processing, pdf files, pictures, spreadsheets, scanned items, etc. You can link them no matter where they are stored in your computer.

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