RISSOFT I Software Testimonials
As always, Edward is the BEST.  He is the greatest support person that has ever lived and will ever live.  He will stick like glue to you until the problem is solved!  Thank you, Edward!!!!!   RIS is lucky to have you.! - G Lawton
Just wanted to reach out and say RIS is running wonderfully. Appreciate whatever you're doing.
-David Shamsian
The entire RISSOFT organization was instrumental in getting the software up and running.  From the sales process, to training, to ongoing support, they have made the implementation of the software painless. – Dawn Dickstein
"RISSOFT is the software I had always been looking for to run my organization efficiently. The system is designed by landlords for landlords. I am constantly amazed by its flexibility and ease of use. The support is superb and always available to help me through an issue. The best computer decision that I have made in years has been to switch to RIS. This has been the first software upgrade (and they have been numerous) that my staff and myself have agreed has well exceeded our expectations.” – Steven Goodman, Partner, Wolinetz Management LLC.
"Ask me anytime what i think of RISSOFT. It’s without doubt the best real estate management program around. It’s easy to use, great tech support, and does everything I need to run our office.” – Abe Greenspan, Owner
"Haven't had time to thank both you and Ed for the great help during our server loss, always a pleasure dealing with you both knowing you guys will get us back up provided we have the right equipment available and the right backups in place.  Thanks so much guys, your guys are the best!" - Martha 
"I have been a RISSOFT user for over twelve years and have used it on a daily basis during that entire time. In addition to making my record keeping as well as check writing and deposits far easier, what most impresses me about the program is its rock solid stability. In twelve years the program has never crashed and records have never disappeared. The program is reliable, comprehensive and specifically tailored to the unique needs of property management in NYC.” – Jonathan Lobatto
"The first benefit I got from RISSOFT was that I was freed from the whims of the bimbo part time bookkeepers who showed up for work when the spirit moved them. I gained great control of expenses by paying all bills myself in a fraction of the time it took me and staff working together to do this manually.
The second benefit was the ease of generating reports needed for prompt action, such as non-payments. It simplified documenting areas needed for litigation, enabling me to have my lawyer initiate needed action without delay. The third was to give me and my accountant financial data in a useful and convenient form allowing for timely filings and accurate financial information.
"In general, having used RISSOFT for approximately 20 years has enabled me to continue in business when I might otherwise been overwhelmed to the point of retiring and selling my properties ten years ago, which would have been tragic. Because I have my office computer on the Internet, I am also able to telecommute. I have access to all my business data from my home computer, so I can commute to the gym rather than the office on most days.I cannot recommend RISSOFT more highly after 20 years of satisfaction.” – Benjamin Bernstein
"I have been a user of RISSOFT for over 10 years. I first tried it because it was lower in cost than all the alternatives. I have stayed a user because it is a great product with great technical and customer support. I am a computer moron and this is easy to use. It is comprehensive across my business and whenever I have a problem with how I used the program or my computer, I get immediate help that solves the problem. The best thing about RIS is THE PEACE OF MIND.” – Jeffrey M. Haitkin