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Clients Love Our Robust,

User Friendly and Intuitive Interface

See What They Have To Say

"Our company utilized the same real estate program for over 20 years. In spite of the fact that the programmer would not allow the integration of additional software such as online payment, we were very reluctant to make a change. It was the only program we knew and we were very comfortable. So when we were advised that the program would no longer be supported, we were devastated. We interviewed several companies and chose RIS partly because of its interactivity with other programs. The beginning was difficult in that we really had to learn a new language. However, RIS personnel assisted us in all aspects of the transition including the transfer of information, tutorials, and support. We are happy to report that within a short while, we were comfortable and confident with the RIS program. The program has proven to be user friendly and reliable. The support staff is exceptional. A tech is always available to quickly address issues. In fact, the actual programmer is readily available to assist and to integrate new ideas and features based on our actual needs." – Barry and David

"RISSOFT is the software I had always been looking for to run my organization efficiently. The system is designed by landlords for landlords. I am constantly amazed by the flexibility and ease of use. The support is superb and always available to help me through an issue. The best computer decision that I have made in years has been to switch to RIS. This has been the first software upgrade (and they have been numerous) that my staff and myself have agreed has well exceeded our expectations.”
– Steven Goodman, Partner
"Ask me anytime what I think of RISSOFT. It’s, without a doubt, the best real estate management program around. It’s easy to use, great tech support, and does everything I need to run our office.” – Abe Greenspan, Owner
"I have been a RISSOFT user for over twelve years and have used it on a daily basis during that entire time. In addition to making my record keeping as well as check writing and deposits far easier, what most impresses me about the program is its rock-solid stability. In twelve years the program has never crashed and records have never disappeared. The program is reliable, comprehensive and specifically tailored to the unique needs of property management in NYC.” – Jonathan Lobatto
"I have been a user of RISSOFT for over 10 years. I first tried it because it was lower in cost than all the alternatives. I have stayed a user because it is a great product with great technical and customer support. It is comprehensive across my business and whenever I have a problem with how I used the program or my computer, I get the immediate help that solves the problem. The best thing about RIS is THE PEACE OF MIND.” – Jeffrey M. Haitkin
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