Prepare Your Tenants for Natural Disasters

As a rental property owner or manager it is likely that your property is in some danger of falling prey to a natural disaster. Even if you think that it is unlikely your rental property would be destroyed by a natural disaster it is important to be prepared so that if a disaster does strike you do not lose everything. In addition, as a landlord or property manager it is important that your tenants understand their roles in protecting their private property and staying safe.

Rainy Day

As a landlord or property manager you can develop a flier that reminds your tenants to prepare, protect and plan for a natural disaster. As part of this flier you can include information from government websites that lists different recommendation for how they should prepare based on the natural disaster that is most likely to occur in their area. In addition, the flier can also include information about what to do if there is a gas or water leak or if there is electrical damage due to a natural disaster. Information about shutting of circuit breakers or water pipes in a rental apartment during or after a storm could help save tenant’s lives as well as your property. In addition, the flier can remind tenants the importance of owning renters insurance and that as a landlord you are not responsible damage to the tenant’s items. For an example of a great tenant preparedness flier please click here.

As a landlord or property manager it is also important that you ensure that if your personal or rental property is damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster your important documents or records are not lost. If you store your important documents on paper or on a computer one flood could destroy everything. With RISSOFT lease management software you never have to worry about losing all your important tenant and property documents as you can save it to the cloud. Make sure your business is safe with the best commercial property management software, RISSOFT Property management system

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