Is Automation the Future for Rental Apartments?

Every few months more technology based home products and appliances are being released with the promise of saving their users time and money. For property owners and managers software for property management has changed the industry by making it easier to manage both large and small properties. Property management software companies such as RISSOFT software for property management continue to upgrade their software to improve property owners and managers businesses. The next innovation to property management may be in the form of Home Automation.

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With the prevalence of smart phones and wireless networks countless apps and household products have been created to help individual’s manage their home from thousands of miles away. Brand name companies like Home Depot are offering products that will change the way homes and rental properties are managed.

These automated devices often run on platforms called “ecosystems” that connect to individual products installed in the home. Automated household products can include lights, dimmers, water heaters, thermostats, window blinds, garage door openers, door locks, ovens, irrigation systems, propane sensors and security systems. When a landlord, property manager or tenant has remote control over these devices, it can give the rental properties increased safety, energy efficiently and greater comfort.

As a property owner or manager there are two aspects of automation to consider. The first aspect is automation for your units. Automating your rental property is not a simple or cheap endeavor. In order to have a specific product automated, you must purchase and replace that item with an automated version. In addition, not all products are compatible with the same platforms so one needs to choose products carefully as to not avoid added expense of needing multiple platforms. For the average rental property it is unlikely that adding automated products and appliances to the unit will add much more appeal and value. However, adding automated products in areas that property owners and managers are responsible for, like security or public spaces, can pay off in the long run. For example, installing an automated irrigation system can save rental property owners hundreds of dollars depending on their irrigation needs. In addition, having sophisticated automated security system with cameras and motion sensors can help make your property safer and more valuable to potential tenants.

Like smartphones, automated living spaces will likely become common place in the future. As more home appliances and products become automated rental owners and managers will need to assess the value in upgrading to automated systems for their rental property. Until then rental property owners and managers can rely on RISSOFT management property software to save them time and money by offering essential features to with your everyday management needs.

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