Learn A Few Quick Tips About Non-Rent Fees

Non-rent fees have become a very charged issue especially in New York. Non-rent fees are charges that are added to tenants monthly. These fees can sometime include fees for washing machines, air conditioners, legal fees and more. Opponents of non-rent fees argue that they are being used to harass tenants out of rent stabilized units.

In 2013 New York State Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz panned to submit a package aimed at curbing non-rental fees. In January 2015 his sponsored Bill, NUMBER A1794 indicated that the division of housing and renewals would prepare a report on non-rental fees by landlords in rent regulated housing which would describe the deed commonly charges and that the report would be submitted by April 1, 2016.

Even if you rental properties are not rent stabilized the outcome of lawsuits against landlords such as the one filed by 35 tenants that accuse Bronx landlords of illegally charging them non-rent related fees could eventually affect under what circumstances landlords can charge non-rent related fees. For now make sure that if you do charge non-rent related fees you talk to a lawyer to ensure that they are legal and that they are included in the lease.





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