New Report Outlines Easy Winter Energy Saving Steps

A new report released by Energy Efficiency For All aims at helping property owners and managers reduce their carbon footprint, save money and provide better comfort to tenants during the winter by proper management of steam heating systems.

According to the report a large amount of heat created by heating systems in large rental buildings is wasted through overheating. The main factors contributing to overheating in rental apartments is that the heating systems function poorly, residents to not have control over heating, noisy pipes and apartments that can be both very hot and cold at the same time. The report states that landlords can save upwards of 147 million dollars in fuel costs and reduced maintenance by upgrading their heating systems. Below is listed the main recommendations that the report suggests.

  • Replace boilers as most boilers are oversized in New York City because they were designed to burn coal. Better sized boilers will work more efficiently and make steam systems work better.

  • Ensure all boilers have a burner modulation system especially in regards to smaller boilers which are not included in new modulation code update. Usually this improvement can be paid with one year savings in fuel cost.

  • Installation of Multi Sensor Heat Controls would allow heat output to be changed based on individual apartment temperatures and tenant preferences. Without multi sensor heat controls tenants may open windows in an attempt to cool down their over heater apartment wasting heat.

These are just a few of the energy suggestions that the report outlines. You can also save money right away by switching to RISSOFT’s affordable property management software. RISSOFT’s Property Management Software System includes energy tracking features which will enable you to track and estimate energy usage and how much you can save by upgrading your boiler system and making your rental units more energy efficient

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