Monthly RIS Partnership Highlight: ClickPay

RIS property management software was developed with the goal of creating the best property management system at an affordable price. Creating the best property management system requires more than just including innovative features like our property management tab, document management system and advanced accounting and payment features. We understand that in this advanced digital and technological world having beneficial partnerships with other companies that can help our customers is very important. That is why we partnered with ClickPay so that our software seemingly integrates with theirs giving our customers more choice and even more payment related features.

ClickPay is a cloud-based application that helps property managers collect their tenants’ payments. Their software solution enables residents to choose how they want to be billed allowing tenants to choose between paper bills sent to their homes or e-bills sent to their phones. It also enables landlords to collect all forms of payments including paper checks, ACH, and credit cards. Giving tenants a choice in how they pay their rent, as well as landlords the ability to take multiple forms of payments streamlines the rent collection process saving landlords and property managers the frustration that can come with trying to collect rent from tenants. At RIS property management software, we use ClickPay for Check 21 wich enables checks to be processed much faster.

ClickPay is just one of the many partnerships that we at RIS property management software have formed to improve our customers’ user experience and give them the features and tools they have been asking for. Enjoy the benefit of RIS’s innovative property management software and growing partnerships by contacting us today for a free demo.

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