Choosing a Property Management System

Choosing a Property Management System

The importance of Versatility with Simplicity in Building Management Software

Software in general has become very cumbersome. Most software programs that start off generally simple over the years have morph into extremely complicated and unwieldy programs. Commercial property management software is suffering from this exact issue at the expense of property owners and managers. A major source of this problem is the introduction of new features with each new update of the software. New features and add-on can be great however when single management property software programs try to include every feature for every type of industry the userability of the software shrinks.

One of the biggest complaints I heard from property managers products is that the current management property software they use has so many features that do not apply to them. They complain that they spent hours trying to learn the program and even with help from customer support they cannot figure out what features they should use.

RISSOFT lease management software avoids the trap that other property management software companies fall into because their software is created to be versatile and simple to use. Since RISSOFT software was built by property managers for property managers it only includes essential features that most property managers need and does not try to include every single feature under the sun that most property owner would never use. However, when a user of their building management software has a specific need that may not be included in their software, they create custom patches that update the client’s software according to his or her needs. Unlike their competitors, RISSOFT will customize their client’s software to fit the client’s needs.

RISSOFT is willing to customize software for individual clients because they value the customer experience. They even give each client 2 free hours of training on their management property software so that all their clients feel comfortable and have the best experience using the Software. So if you’re looking at a property management software companies product page or still trying to figure out what features in your current software actually applies to you, then it is time to contact RISSOFT and see why it is smarter, faster and easier to use then their competitors programs.

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