Common Landlord Parking Issues

Parking can become extremely difficult for tenants especially when rental units are located in major cities. When there is a specific parking area designated for tenants or areas in front of a rental where parking is not permitted (e.g. garage entrance) it may become the landlord’s responsibility to manage these parking areas and deal with potential tenant parking issues or violations. Keep in mind, tenants regardless of whether the spot is included in their monthly rental or acquired for an additional monthly fee, will feel it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure they do not have any issues parking in their designated spots.

As mentioned before; common parking problems include individuals such as tenants’ guest's parking in other tenants designated spots or cars blocking garage entrances. As a landlord, you must take certain steps to mitigate these common issues or deal with constant tenant complaints or even threats to deduct any payments related to parking.

  • Make sure to have clear signs: You should put clear and prominent tow away signs in front of garage entrances and around the parking spots indicating that anyone who blocks the garage entrance or parks in someone else’s spot will be towed at the owner's expense. In addition, it is important to follow through and have any cars parked illegally towed.

  • Make sure parking spots are marked: Parking spot lines can fade over time. It is important that you have spots and no parking areas painted as needed and with the appropriate color.

  • Follow local laws: make sure if someone is to be towed you follow all the local procedures which may include attempting to contact the individual that was towed.

Towing cars can lead to issues with tenants as landlords may be towing their tenant’s car or their guest's car. However, as a landlord, you need to ensure that tenant designated spots are respected and let tenants know when they move into your rental that you take parking violations seriously and that cars will be towed if necessary.

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