How Much Are You Saving on Heating?

Property Managers and landlords across the country are having significant heating cost savings this year. Both record warmth and lower than average oil prices are leading property managers and owners around the U.S to wonder how much money they will be saving on heating costs this winter.

According to U.S. News and World Report global temperatures set a record high in November for the 7th straight month. As a result of these higher than normal temperatures many landlords found themselves turning on the heat later this year. For example, in New York City the law requires that landlords turn on the heat from October 1st through May 31 from 10pm to 6am when the outside temperature falls below 40 degrees. This year in November the nighttime low temperature was 40 degrees or lower on only 8 nights compared to 21 nights last year (

According to Market Realist the price of heating oil is 28% less expensive than during the same time period last year. Since there has been an oversupply of oil in the crude market and demand has not increased because of the mild winter, heating oil prices continue to stay low. In fact, inventory levels for heating oil and diesel are up 25% from last year which is putting further downward pressure on the price of heating oil.

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