How to Find a Good Contractor for Your Rental

When you own a house or rental it is not a question of if going to need a contractor or it is a question of when you will need one. Finding a reliable, knowledgeable and contractor is extremely difficult. A landlord could call contractors, only get a called back from a handful and if lucky one may show up for an estimate when they say they will. However, having a reliable contractor or handyman is vital to running a rental property and therefore it is essential for landlords or property managers to have a reliable one on call. Below are some tips finding a good handyman or contractor before the next maintenance disaster occurs.

  • Don’t Wait until the Pipes Burst: One of the biggest mistakes a landlord or property managers can do is wait until they are in desperate need of a contractor to start to look for one. Having a list of vetted contractors to call when you need help might require some work in the short term but could save you a major headache when you do eventually need one.

  • Always Ask for and Check References: Ask potential contractors for references for recent jobs they completed and then ask the references important questions like did the contractor show up on time, complete the job when they said they would, did they charge extra money midway through and if they would use them again.

  • Don’t Just Hire Based on Price: When it comes to maintenance and repair work landlords and property managers may choose contractors based on how cheap they are. However, low price can often mean low quality work and while you might save money in the short term in the long term your going to pay for the shoddy when you must hire someone else to fix it.

  • Give Clear Instructions of What You Want: Giving contractors clear instruction (in writing) about what exactly you need and when you need it can help make sure contractors are on the same page as you and it also gives them a chance to turn down a job if they cannot meet expectations.

It is not easy to find reliable, quality and affordable contractors they are out there. While finding a contractor may not seem that important while things appear to be running smoothly, it only one burst pipe or small electrical issue to make you wish you had a list of contractors and handyman ready as part of your property management system.

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