How to Install the RIS Patch

  1. In RIS, pull down the utilities menu and click, “

You will automatically be logged in to the Customer Center with your user name and password.

You should see the following screen. If you do not see this screen and you only see the login page, see information below – Missing Login Information.

IMPORTANT: You must now CLOSE RIS and make sure all users have closed the RIS program. If not, the patch will not run!

Click the button, “Downloads.”

Now click, “Update Patch” and then choose “RUN.”

Note 1: If you are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may be required to save the patch.exe and then run it.

  • : Do not leave old patches on your computer desktop because running old patches will cause problems with the RIS program. So, if you save the patch, please delete it after you run it.

Note 2: You will see the version number and date of the patch so you can compare to your existing version. To see your existing version, pull down the Utilities Menu in RIS and click, “About.”