New Water Recycling System

Water is quickly becoming a scarce resource in certain areas. Droughts all over the world are affecting large areas of land and populations. Currently in California it seems that not one, not even senior water rights holders are safe from the water restrictions that being put into place (source). Even though our planet contains over a billion trillion liters of water, less than 1% is easily accessible drinking water. As a property owner or manager this trend may frighten you especially of you live in California or other areas affected by drought. However, emergency situations often bring innovations in this case a new type of water technology that could not only help prevent heavy water restrictions, it can also save you money.

Nexus eWater is a company out of Australia that has created a water recycler that reduces water sewage by 34% and produces hot water with 75% less energy. The system recycles grey water, such as shower or laundry water, and filters it so it can be reused on lawns or in toilets. In addition, they reduce water heating costs by using a heat pump system. The system uses energy from grey water and transfers the heat to clean water that can then be used in a house (source).

Currently the technology is only for houses and there is no indication that it is ready for apartment buildings or larger properties. However, as demand for water efficiency rises there is no question that water recycling technology such as the Nexus eWater Recycler will be available to install in larger building or apartment complexes potentially saving owners thousands in water costs and heating a year.

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