Protecting Your Tenants' Personal Info

Data breaches of major companies have become a common occurrence. Every year tens of millions of customers’ personal information including emails, birthdays and social security numbers are stolen and sold online to identify thieves. These thieves use this information to try to purchase expensive products, sell it in the dark web or use it to take over unsuspecting victims’ bank accounts. As a landlord or property manager, you likely have sensitive tenant information in your possession and it is your legal and ethical responsibility to safeguard it. Here are some Tips to keep the information safe.

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  1. Have extra layers of protection: If you had hard copies of sensitive tenant information you would keep it in a locked room within a locked cabinet to make sure it is protected. Similarly, a single password is not enough protection for your tenant’s digital data. Whenever you have tenant information stored digitally you should multiple passwords and if available, set up two-step verification to protect tenant information.

  2. Secure servers and Wi-Fi: Hackers can employ several strategies to capture tenant information or take over a property management system including breaching unsecured networks or exploiting vulnerabilities when victims are using public Wi-Fi. Therefore, make sure your servers have strong firewalls and that you only use trusted Wifi sources.

  3. Virus protection software: Keeping up to date with anti-virus software protection is important to defend against malware that is constantly being created to break into secure networks.

  4. Backup Your Data: Backing up your data is very important especially with the rise of blackmail attacks where hackers take over computers, encrypt the information and will only release it back to the victims when they pay a ransom, often in untraceable bitcoin.

  5. Avoid Spear Phishing Attacks: Spear Phishing attacks are when hackers send emails to victims posing as their bank, email provider or other important services. These fake emails prompt victims to click on links that often ask for their login in information which the hackers then use to break in and take over their important accounts. Most services would never ask for this type of sensitive information which can make it easier to spot

  6. Upgrade Your Property Management System: By utilizing advanced property management software that has both cloud-based and server-based features, property managers can add a layer of protection that they would not get if they were just trying to go it alone.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this post not intended to be construed as legal advice, nor should it be considered a substitute for obtaining individual legal counsel or consulting your local, state, federal or provincial tenancy laws.

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