Rent’s Set to Rise Next Year According to Property Managers

CNBC reported, based on a survey done on, that in the 12 months preceding this past October 88 percent of property managers raised their rent. Of those same individuals surveyed 68 percent believed that rents would rise over the next year by 8 percent, up 2 percent from 2014.

The reason for the estimated rent hike is that demand for rentals is increasing while supply of vacant property rentals is extremely low. In addition, rental occupancy is at record high. Surprisingly, 55 percent of property managers say that they have seen increased demand from former homeowners and retirees for rentals along with the fact that more tenants are renewing their leases rather than moving.

It is unclear how long the rental market can sustain year after year of increased rents. Signs of financial distress are rising among renters as a larger proportion of their income goes to housing. Currently 11.2 million households or about 25% of tenants spend more than 50% of their income on rent. In addition, currently almost 25% of renters spend 30-50% of their income on rent making these tenants moderately burdened by housing costs. However, as long as the demand for rental apartments stays high while the supply fails to increase, property owners and managers will continue to raise rent without worrying about losing money to vacancies.

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