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"RISSOFT has The Best Property Management Packages at the Best Prices, an Industry Leader For Over 25 Years "


  • Registration Tab: Focused on City and State laws and regulations; Section 8, Scrie/Drie; other rent supplement programs, and an exportable file to the State

  • Unique wording for Commercial, Condo, COOP, or other properties on reports, letters or invoices.

  • Search function based on any data in the software

  • Government Forms - Included are lead paint, window guard, W-9, 1098 and 1099 government forms.

  • Data Backup – Please call to discuss

  • Import/Export - Starting up your data is easy. We have an import feature to import your tenant data from an Excel spreadsheet. We also export to Excel, pdf, csv, tif and html formats.

  • Networks - The RISSOFT program is fully networkable.

  • Nothing is encrypted in the program

  • RISSOFT is a SaaS based software program

  • RIS-ON-THE-GO Mobile Web App​


  • Online payment and collection portal that uploads into the software

  • Offsite billing program paper or email

  • Automated accounts payable program and payment portal

  • Payroll programs covering the country

  • Tenant portal for communication, screening, work orders, and more

  • Complete sub-metering solutions for any property type as well as a suite of energy management services, from reading and tenant billing, to energy sourcing and compliance testing portal

      Website design​

General Accounting & Payments 

  • Accounting. Complete general ledger program, includes MICR check printing. Capable of generating all financial reports required by any owner, manager or accountant based on cash base accounting or accrual accounting standards

    Billing and Collections. Keep track of tenant charges and payments; print rent bills onsite or export to offsite vendors

  • Subsidies are handle through our unique rent wizard feature capable of handling base rent, S8, Drie, Scrie, and other subsidy programs. The software generates a spreadsheet that can be converted to an up loadable registration file for the State

  • Overpayments can be applied to any portion of the rent bill whether future billing and/or past billing

  • Chargeback is built into the program generating an invoice and a GL charge

  • Escalations can be modified through the software for CAM, CPI, and Condo/COOP with our global charge feature

  • Banking: Lock Box and ACH, E balance, Positive Pay, check 21: our software has 5 programs that cover banks nationwide

  • We close the books once a year

  • Assigned spot program; To track and/or bill automobiles, lockers, storage bins, bike racks, etc.



Document Management – 100% Paperless

  • Leases - Preparing and printing leases is efficient and convenient with our lease template creator. You can use our pre-defined leases or create your own leases and riders.

  • Document Management - Letter Writing. RISSOFT interfaces with Microsoft Word directly from the tenant screen and saves your document in the tenant database. We include a “merge letter” writing system to simplify letter writing, with an unlimited number of user definable template letters.

  • Link or Scanned Images. You can link/scan pictures, floor plans, documents, etc. to the apartment database. This will help keep your documents accessible, and save you time and money looking for misplaced items.

  • Linking Invoices - Scanned images of invoices can be automatically linked to the check database for easy computer access from any computer Email.

  • Reporting and Analysis. A powerful search and filter engine is built-in to our program, which expands to customize any report. You can also export any report data to Microsoft Excel for additional versatility. All reports and bills can be emailed in pdf (or other formats) directly from the RISSOFT program using Microsoft Outlook.



General Management

  • Management Section - Unique in the industry is our “management” section. Our program assembles all arrears, lease expirations, work orders, unit vacancies, and pending legal actions for all tenants in all properties in one organized section. You do not have to print multiple reports to get this data on your desktop, and you can export these to Microsoft Outlook to synchronize with your PDA.

  • Reminder System - We also include a reminder system to help you track court ordered installment payments and repairs.

  • Work Orders - Open work orders as well as completed repairs are easily printed and monitored within our program.

  • Energy Management - We collect your utility usage and payments effortlessly though the general ledger check entry system and produce critical numeric and graphical reports detailing your energy consumption and costs. Not available in any other program.

  • Organization - Our layout is unique in its logical, intuitive organization. You can have an unlimited number of companies, checkbooks and properties. Unlike other programs that require you to load/unload data sets, you can access all data from multiple companies, properties and checkbooks via one simple navigating button. With our internal search engine function, you can find even the most precise data or detail (a single payment, telephone number, social security number, etc.)

Implication and training of the program takes from 4 to 6 hours


"Robust and user-friendly" developed by property managers that use it every day

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