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Residential and Commercial Property Management Software

RISSOFT provides robust, user-friendly software to manage properties, saving you time and money.

RISSOFT property management software has essential features to help with your everyday management needs.

Platform Features

Highlights of Recent Updates

​We continue to innovate to make our program more user-friendly. Our new feature is a comprehensive Communication Portal between tenants, office support, supers and property managers.

  • Tenants will be able to see their yearly statement and do maintenance requests online.

  • Updated 1099 program capable of exporting to

  • Updated the rent stabilization riders for NYC, and leases.

  • Updated our Ebalance program with Banks.

  • Added a PDF Program in Letters and Leases

  • Added the ability to do E Signatures and added the consenting letters.

An Industry Leader For Over 25 Years

Who We Serve

Our clients consistently praise our software for its uncomplicated and intuitive interface.

"The RIS SaaS platform has proven to be user friendly and reliable. The support staff is exceptional. A tech is always available to quickly address issues. In fact, the actual programmer is readily available to assist and to integrate new ideas and features based on our actual needs." – Barry and David

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